Thursday, July 3, 2014

The story continues....8 years later

Aaaah I re-read these posts last night and had a pinge and twinge of regret for not continuing these tales.
I won't try summarise too much - that is not the point but perhaps there can be snippets of memories that come through in my tale telling.

So Kayla is 9.5 years now.  She walks, talks, sings (loudly and with her soul and completely out of tune!), runs in a funny lob-sided manner (that can be very fast in a shopping centre), giggles at farts and other inappropriate things, isn't wild about doctors, loves her grand-parents and has very different relationships with them.

She goes to Unity College  and is in Junior 3.  Her reading is coming along beautifully and fairly slowly.  Her vocabulary has increased wonderfully, her maturity has progressed and she has confidence in herself.  We were going to school her in a mainstream school and kept her back a year to aid her.  But one afternoon I went to fetch her from playschool and she was sitting playing by herself.  She was rocking and humming and it struck me so solidly that she would not cope in a mainstream environment.  We re-assessed and re-looked and re-agonised and decided to place her in Unity College.  We love the school and believe in it.
Sammy, Lesego, Shariek, Kayla end of year assembly 2013
Prizegiving 2013

Winter 2012

Sports day - Lesego, Sammy, Ntsika - 2013
There will be plenty more stories from school but for tonight this is it.

This journey as this Pixie's mom is difficult, is funny, is special, is filled with laughter  and tears and frustrations and anger and jokes and special moments and rage and tickles and laughter.  I question many many many times why I am THE mom.  Many times I rant at God and many times I say thank you for my many blessings.
And on that note - good night.